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Azkend 2: The World Beneath [PC]

Awesome game!


Just Right
Time Spent:
10 Hours or Less
The Bottom Line:
"Highly addictive"


The game is pretty simple but it's fun!

The story is as simple as it can be; you're an alien trying to find a way out of a underground base.

The abilities of the character are fun! You'll end up warping your way around the map faster than just walking around. The upgrade system is extremely simple imo but it works how it should. You have about 11 options to choose from to upgrade, and you can only upgrade them once.

Levels have a nice variety to them. Al though the AI is also simple ( very well done but still simple ), the great level design helps creating cool challenges for your character abilities. All levels have hidden items for you to grab and the cool thing is that you don't need upgrade to go after them, only what the game itself gives your character. This way you have a little more choice when selecting with upgrade you want.

Puzzles in this game are fun and are not repetitive. I personally only found one of two bugs in the puzzled but nothing that made me quit and load last checkpoint. This game is really worth playing all over again to try and get things different.

I played this on a pc and this IS A CONSOLE PORT. First time I opened the game I had some troubles understanding the controls ( they actually have a game pad in the menu with a controller and windows keys over the buttons! WTF?! ). This was a bit disappointing but once I got in game I just forgot about that and played 4 hours nonstop! ( slept on work the next day… )

I really liked this game. In all its simplicity, it's awesome!

edit: Forgot to mention... final boss is frustrating... VERY damn frustrating...

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